Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Genoa Candy Dance


We’ve never been to the Genoa Candy Dance, but apparently is a thing here in Nevada.  ( Like a big thing ) It’s so much closer to home than our usual Apple Hill trip. (I’m still so sad that we won’t be making it to Apple Hill this year). Haidyn was excited to go with the family because of the name of the event alone. Sadly, she was disappointed that it wasn’t a festival dancing around to candy. She envisioned an entire crowd getting down while throwing candy in the air.


Even without the candy throwing dances we had a great time spending the day shopping with all the "gypsies" as Waymon would call it. It was an entire girls day event ! We traveled to Genoa with all the girls and ran into our BFF little sister E along the way. Aren't they the cutest?!?


This event was so neat!  I know that the next time we go I have to bring a lot more money ( or my own lunch) and go a earlier than we did. We didn't get any candy Haidyn actually liked  but the experience was worth it over all. It was a beautiful day to relax and walk around with the family.  Haidyn was thrilled to go home with new RIDICULOUS unicorn bedazzled headbands and the most obnoxiously loud fake gun money can buy.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Goodbye Summer

Summer is gone but for the first time ever I'm not sad to see it go.   A lot of it has to do with how busy we were during our summer and it being so damn hot! I know that living in Nevada for what seems like forever I should be use to it by now but I'm not.  Nevada summers are hot and we made sure that we were out most of the time . Haidyn and Frankie had the best time traveling on short notice. They're traveling bugs! We spent a lot of time being surrounded by water whether it was the lake, water park , or the pool at Hootsee and Papa's.  

I don't think I've spent so much time outdoors than I have this summer and I have the tan lines to prove it. We made it to San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sacramento , Mountain View and Milpitas this summer along with making it to our usual summer mini getaways to Hootsee and Papa's. That's a lot of traveling for a summer that wasn't planned.  Isn't that funny how busy you are even if you don't plan anything? The blog has been lacking a lot of love lately but I'm trying to live in the moment more than documenting them. I've missed so much with working too much and making sure everything is "blog friendly" . I've been enjoying the time without taking the pictures and instagramming everything and it's been so nice to actually enjoy this time with the family. Don't worry I'm sure the blog will get more love during the holidays.

Nevada days are getting a little chilly ( emphasis on a little) but we're so ready for Fall and Winter ! Our house has been decorated as if it were Fall since September 1st. Can you blame us? Give me all the pumpkins.. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday Francis!

Happiest birthday to our little boy and baby of the family Frankie ! I can’t believe that my boy is a year old now, it seems like just yesterday he rescued us. It’s not a secret that Frankie is Waymon’s replacement in my life and he knows. Frankie is our rambunctious saint of a dog that everyone loves when they meet him. I’m not sure if Frankie has a mean bone in his body even when he does try to be mean. He’s a lover but he’s also a fighter. He’s the one who is now putting Sassafras and Haidyn in their place. (ABOUT TIME) Frankie has brought so much love and happiness back into our lives in the time in which we as a family needed it. I’m forever grateful for that .  Spoiling him with more love than he gives all of us on the daily today!

Happy Birthday to our Francis ! 
( AKA Frankie, Frank, Frankenstein, Frankie Doodle, Frankie Pankie , Frank the Tank, Franklin, Frankie-lynn,  Frank and Beans  and Francois ). 
We love you!


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

We planned our last trip of the summer to Mountain View to see her in concert only 2 weeks after our last trip. This trip doubled as the weekend we were going to be with family as well. We've been really busy for people that didn't really plan anything to do this summer. Haidyn is a traveling machine. She now loves to travel! We love spending time in the Bay. 



Haidyn's love for music extends out throughout every genre . We wanted to take her to a concert of an artist that we loved as a family , so Halsey it is! Haidyn was in awe of seeing one of her favorite artists live. She loved the entire concert atmosphere. I was a little skeptical on how she would do with the loud music and staying out way past her bedtime but she did fine. We left the concert with no voices and living for every Halsey song . 

We've been really busy this summer but this was the best end to our summer. I remember my first concert and I'm glad that both Waymon and I got to experience Haidyn's first concert all together. I'm sure that will not be the last family concert together.