Monday, January 15, 2018

January Meal Prep | Week Three

We’re back at it with our meal preps! Actually to be honest we were always on it. We actually spent an entire year prepping but failed to blog it because I’m lazy af and didn’t have time to do it, but we’re turning a new leaf and making sure that I’m staying on top of everything for those of you who still give a crap of what we’re eating on a weekly basis. I personally love seeing what everyone is eating weekly. If there is any recipe at all that you want to see more of please let me know and I would love to break it down via  recipe for all of you😊


BREAKFAST – Coffee and Almond milk

SNACK 1 – Protein Shake and Fruit

LUNCH – Breakfast Quesadillas /OR/ Pizza Spaghetti Squash “Pasta”

SNACK 2 -   Cheese Sticks

DINNER - 2 cup veg, 1 3/4 cup protein


BREAKFAST – Coffee and Almond milk

SNACK 1 – Protein Shake and Fruit

LUNCH – Breakfast Quesadillas /OR/ Pizza Empanadas

2018 diets around here are not that much different. I’ve gone through whole 30 during the last part of 2017 and hated it . Seriously, I did . My body was a lot happier when it wasn’t on that strict of a diet. Now, I’m reverting back to my days where I follow a much simpler meal plan. My eating goal this year is to incorporate everything that I love in my meal preps with making almost no sacrifice ! I want to find healthier ways to create the meals that I love . I don’t want to starve myself and I don’t want to say that I wont eat “this” or “that” . I’m getting ready to work out more and incorporate a running regime into my life just o spice things up.

As for Waymon, I believe he’ll be heading back to the gym and trying to get some running in too. Frankie ( our new pup) is very high energy and thinks that a 3 mile run is a walk in the park. So trying to keep up with him is our physical goal this year. ( just kidding but seriously it is).

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 Blogaversary!

Many of you that have followed my blog throughout the years know that the New Year's is what sparked my interested to blog. It was actually my New Year's resolution. I'm going 6 years strong on blogging! (YAY) This has been one long relationship with blogging. I never meant to be a blogger, but I'm here blogging to an entire new community of people that still give a shit about what I'm talking about month to month so I'm with it. Thank you for all of you that have sat here and listened ( read ) my rants about my life and everything that goes with it. It's nice to know that some one out there is listening (reading!) 

2017 was big year for me and this year I want it to be an even bigger year for me. I want to outdo myself every year just because I know I can. Why not right? I decided that I don't want to be mediocre anymore. I want more. I want to push myself to do more . So here I am with a whole set of new goals for this year. I'm also putting here my absolute beginning of my 2018 body. This is my "in progress" body and not my end body. I'm putting this here for all of you because I want to always be real with all of you. Last year my before picture was so embarrassing and I vowed to myself that I wouldn't let myself get that bad ever again. Now, my goal isn't to lose weight, but it's to be leaner and to be healthier to attain some of my fitness goals. I want to be stronger and this year I do believe I'm more focused to reach that goal. I also gained a little fluff over the holidays ( that's life right?) But I want to really work on that. 


WAIST 28.5 IN 
R. ARM 10.5 IN
L. ARM 10 IN
R. THIGH 18.5 IN 
R. CALF 13.5 IN 
L. CALF 13.75 IN


2018 GOALS 

  1. Run Weekly- My ultimate goal this year is to run a 10k at the end of the year. I've always wanted to do it and I know that with the proper training I can do it. 
  2. Read more books.- I read 18 books last year and I know that  I can top that! I love how Waymon actually buys me books instead of flowers for special occasions. I want to grow our home library. 
  3. Keeping saying "yes" . - Last year I stayed scared of every decision I made. I want to continue that . Saying "yes" never brought me so much joy in my life . I had fun actually doing what I've never done before. 
  4. Focus on myself . - I've always been proud to be a "self-less" person growing up, but now that I am "grown up" I've realized that I can't always be self-less. I need to save a little for myself because without that I will lose myself. 
  5. Better  myself as a mom/ wife . - This is something that I will always have some room for improvement. I never want to settle for being an average mom/ wife. I also felt like I failed Rory when she passed. ( I know that it wasn't anyone's fault she passed, but now I feel like I've over compensating for her loss). 
  6. Strive more at work. - I've said "yes" to a promotion and now it's time to build on that promotion and do more as a leader. 
  7. Maintain that healthy eating/mindset.- I have to remember that this is a lifestyle and a journey in itself. I need to find the balance among it all. 

Let's get it 2018! I'm going for unstoppable. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

27 & The Year of Yes

I'm 27 ya'll! ! I know it's taboo to let everyone in on your age, but I don't care! I'm not shy at all about how many years I've circle the moon. Remember when I read that amazing book at the beginning of the year that changed my mindset forever? If you don't , check it out here. I'm sure if you've followed me on social media I've done some major growing up and finding myself this past year. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to do the same. The entire book goes through saying "yes" to everything that scares you for an entire year. That's exactly what I did. I'm a total chicken shit when it comes to a lot of things. I hype myself up for no reason and chicken out before I do just about anything in my life. It really hindered me from doing everything fun and I really hated that. I stopped myself from living my life just because I was scared. I told myself to woman up and change that. I was scared shitless this entire year. I couldn't say no to anything ( I mean I could've, but I made myself say yes) because I wanted to be more fun and exciting.  Who the hell doesn't want to do that? On this list, I've even included anything that I've never wanted to do before even if it didn't scare me .

  1. Started my beach body program 
  2. Ran CRAZY RUN 5 K
  3.  Jumped off of ledge at Fly High Trampoline Park 
  4. Survived Slaughterhouse Reno 
  5. Started on my sleeve 
  6.  Follow up on my sleeve ( I'm now too addicted)
  7. Called into the radio station and won tickets to a comedy show
  8.  Ran 5th Annual Turkey Trot - Fernley
  9. Applied for a new position for a promotion at work. 
  10.  Went to a comedy concert - Jo Koy!
  11.  Started whole 30 and completed it!
  12. Let loose with the family.  
  13. Oct Dressed up as a power ranger (It was an extremely very tight dress) 
  14. Watched IT in theaters . ( I don't watch scary movies!)
  15. Watched the original IT.  
  16. Saying 'No' to events that I didn't want to go to. 
  17. Cutting out toxic people out of my life without guilt. 
  18. Creating a book list and finished reading XX books this year. 
  19. Went to several KaiaFit classes w/out hesitation w/ my mother in law 
  20. Went to several Piloxing class w/ a friend. 
  21. Watching  new shows out of my comfort zone (i.e GOT) 
  22. Getting a double cartilage piercing 
  23. Dying my hair pink  and blue!
  24. Putting my true self out there on social media, without censoring myself
  25. Stuck to a Meal program for most of this year. 
  26. Going to a night club and danced like no one was watching.
  27. Jumped off of a platform . 

Now, that I've completed an entire year of YES I feel like a different person. I feel like the person I've always seen myself to be. I love the person I've grown into this year. I'm so much more fun and lively than I've ever been and I feel like I'm finally living .  It's taken my 27 years to feel like this and feel like I've broken my own mold. At the beginning of this year, I knew that this book and way of thinking would change me but I didn't know the full extent that it would change me. 2017 kicked my ass and tore me down. I didn't think I was going to get back up this year, if we're being brutally honest with one another, but I'm so glad that I rose up after being torn down. Now my year of YES will turn into my life of YES. I never want to settle on being average. I want more. I want to experience more and do more than I ever have. I have 26 years to make up for !

Jingle All the Way

This past Christmas was probably our best one yet ( minus the fact that we were missing Rory). We even had our own friendmas with my girlfriend's family. Haidyn and I finally have mutually friends and it's pretty awesome. 

We spent our Christmas weekend out at my in laws as we try to do every year . Our own Christmas decor was down before we even left. We had a very low key Christmas . We drank and ate too much, but I'm not at all complaining. We spent a lot of time with the family . 

There was NO drama and NO fighting. If you know my family, that's some rare shit. (Obviously, not my extended family). It felt so weird with everyone and not fighting over the phone with at least someone. This was exactly how Christmas is suppose to feel. This is how I've always envisioned Christmas to be like. 

It honestly didn't feel like Christmas to me, but I knew I had to keep some of the spirit a live with Haidyn. I did my best and got her a elf on the shelf this year. Holy shit, was that thing a pain in the ass. I salute all of you parents out there that take the time to make sure that your elf does something spectacular for when your kid wakes up every single morning. Haidyn was lucky if that elf moved an inch throughout the house. I will say though that her elf motivated her to stay behaved. Haidyn had a weekend in which she was just so awful that her elf "Tonka" didn't even show up for that an entire weekend. Our kid isn't a bad kid, but when she's being a shit it gets pretty rough. All in all Haidyn had a wonderful time with her elf and Christmas. She loves this time of year and I intended to keep it that way. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Oh Lolai Wells

On Decemebr 5th we lost a big piece of our family, Haidyn’s partner in crime and my very best friend. It’s taking everything in me to write this post for all of you. Honestly, it took me a week to do it because I couldn't get all of my thoughts and emotions down quick enough without crying.  Explaining to Haidyn that Rory will not be with her anymore will probably be one of the hardest conversations I will have with her. She still doesn’t truly understand what happened or why it happened  - shit neither do I, but I’m glad that our Rory is in her a better place wherever she is. I hope that she knows how truly loved she really is and will always be.

I saw Rory on a facebook ad and I KNEW that I needed to have her in my life. I remember immediately texting Waymon a picture of her and told him I don’t care what we need to do but I’m getting this sweet dog. I never really had a dog before so for me to feel like this towards a dog was weird. I was attracted to her. Waymon knew how much I wanted her, even if it would mean I would do most of the work with having both girls but I didn’t give a shit. It was a rough time but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like any other dog, Rory was the biggest pain in my ass. But she was the best thing that ever happened to our little family. She gave us a reason to smile every morning waking up to her nosey little self. She always loved more than anything else and protective when she needed to be.  She was the best little big sister to Haidyn and I'm devastated that they don't get to grow up together a little longer as we planed, but I know if she would've had a choice to stay with us she'd be here today with us.

I would give anything to bring my girl back. She can eat all my stupid shoes, Haidyn's toys, lipsticks that she wants if only that would bring her home.Thank you Rory for all of the best times in the time that you were with us. You are so loved sweet girl.

Rest in Peace baby girl Mama, Daddy, Haidyn and Sassafras love you. 
Lorelai "Rory" Gilmore Wells 02/08/16 - 12/05/17