Sunday, June 17, 2018

MVD | Most Valuable Daddy

It’s not a secret how much of a Daddy’s girl Haidyn is. Waymon doesn’t deny it either nor does he care to. He’s a different person when he’s around Haidyn. His tough exterior melts away when he’s with his baby girl. I've never seen my husband smile so much in his life until he's around Haidyn . He’s grown into the Dad that gets his hair brushed and did, toe nails painted , tatted with washable markers and plays with barbies.  No one compares to Daddy.

The relationship that Waymon and Haidyn have is one that I will always be envious of.  I’m not a Daddy’s girl by any means so I had no idea that being a “daddy’s girl” was a real thing so I didn’t understand how deep that love went. I love my girl but the love she has for her Daddy is different. She’s now making observations that her Daddy is the best and that ALL boys should be like him. When she sees anything about weddings or we talking about our marriage Haidyn comments on how she can’t way to get married to someone like her Daddy.  Does it get better than that?

  There is no question that Waymon is sitting on a pedestal in Haidyn's life , but little does she know that it's really her that is on a pedestal in his life. Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world. We love you so much. Thank you for handling our circus that we call life.

Happy Father's Day Babe!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Will Run for Beer | RTO 2018

I signed up late in the game to run the annual Reno Tahoe Odyssey ( RTO) here in Northern Nevada. For those of you that don't know what the RTO is it's a 178 mile relay race that goes around the beautiful Northern Nevada for a group of up 12 runners. It sounds rough because it is rough. My LIFE OF YES has brought me to say "yes" to this race all because  I wanted to challenge myself this year.  My mother in law is runner and I remember thinking every year after watching her take off or even talk about this race how crazy she MUST be to run that much with no sleep. Well now , I'm crazy myself for running the damn thing and I'm not mad about it.  Let's be honest, we all know I'm a little crazy but crazy for running is a new type of crazy for me.

I'm still running off of a high from the run or it might be the amount of beer I can drink without guilt after a run. Right before leaving to head out for the race , I cried a bit thinking "what the hell did I get myself into". It was too late to turn back and back out on my team. I was nervous the entire time that I went numb with all feelings after my little cry.   I trained for a short time for this run and in the end it was just enough training to not drain myself of everything I had . I had a lot of fun running with my coworkers , cheering them all in their victories after each leg of their runs  and mentally challenging myself during my run. This isn't a run that I would've done prior to my training but I wanted a challenge. I don't typically believe that running 15 miles is fun but my ways are slowly changing. Each run was increasingly challenging on my body and it definitely showed the next day when I couldn't walk up my stairs .

Next year, if asked to run I'm pretty sure I'd be crazy enough to say yes again . Why not? I survived one race so why not run a little more? I will need to train A LOT more than I did. I survived my RTO 2018 but I want to ROCK my next one whenever I run it. My favorite part of this race is the camaraderie of this race among everyone racing. Every single person is cheering you on and  making sure that you're getting through  this race . It's definitely a sight to see when everyone is genuinely caring for your well being.

p.s. thanks to waymon for putting with me during my training and for always supporting me , without him i don't think i would've made it through it.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mama's Day

Mother's day has to be one of the sweetest days of the year for me. There's something about celebrating one the most rewarding part of my life with my family and with women around the world. This year was the first year that Haidyn was excited and had a hand in choosing/creating everything for my Mother's day, which is what made my day. She told me HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY every chance she could , to the point where she was yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA" because she got so confused with everyone else greeting me. How sweet is she?  

We went to buy flowers and she demanded that I bought flowers for my fellow mom gfs and her Hootsee. She hand picked their flowers and I helped with the cards. A little fact about myself is that I HATE buying flowers because I think they're just a waste of money, but because of Haidyn I bought them . It made her so happy to make someone else happy. She did her best to personalize her Hootsee's card. 

  Mother's day weekend we spent with my in laws just like every big holiday and we wouldn't have had it any other way.It's amazing that we could hang out all together and enjoy ourselves. We didn't plan anything really big since I worked Saturday right before heading out of town, but we had a blast regardless.We cooked ribs, salad and pasta together and whipped up a delicious cake for dessert.  Haidyn finally got the big girl bike she's been waiting for too! 

I spent a lot of my time out with Frankie running. My mama's boy had no problem running alongside of me exploring new trails. Sunday morning my MIL and I started the day with a short run before meeting up at the Oyster Bar, where we ( with no shame) devoured all of our food in the matter of minutes. Our food was so delicious! 

The rest of the day was spent shopping , being lazy and being in bed by 7:00 PM because I was dead tired. Ya'll I got 8 hours of sleep!! I don't know when the last time I got that much sleep!!Now that I'm back to reality , I'm just in awe of how wonderful weekend we had especially the sleep I got! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sweet Home Nevada

Jon's vacation with a blink of an eye has come and gone. I'm pretty sure he stayed longer this time than ever before! This vacation of his I swear has been the busiest vacations yet. There hasn't been a time that we weren't off doing something with the whole gang, dropping/picking Jon up from the airport or setting up for a get together. Brother, is in  high demand when he's home. We jammed packed this vacation with things to do unintentionally.K came to visit for the first part of Jon's trip before Jon went on another mini vacation with the boys. Our plans were to hike, run and rest up for the rest he's actually lacking. But of course, Jon literally got to "rest" on his vacation for about 2 days. Poor guy!

New things for Jon this time was meeting our precious Frankie and being there for Haidyn's birthday! As mentioned in my previous blog, this is the first time Jon was actually able to celebrate with us since Haidyn was born. She was so happy to actually spend time with him during this time. Who wouldn't want to spend their birthday with their favorite person? It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows with these two throughout their stay. Finally Jon saw ( in person) that his niece is his literal twin . That little shit.

It doesn't get any easier saying goodbye at the end of his trip, but we're all trying here.  I will always play aloof when it comes to saying 'see you later' to Jon because if I don't I'll cry like a baby that my baby brother is leaving for who knows how long. ( Growing up kinda sucks ) . We'll all miss Jon until he comes back home next, but this time I think Frankie is going to miss him the most. ( by the way where is my boy's loyalty? ) Frankie gained a little pep in his step when he met his Uncle Jon and has calmed down a bit that he's left. Apparently, Uncle Jon is everyone's favorite person. I completely understand !

Monday, April 23, 2018

80 Day Obsession | Phase Three Results

I did it! I'm screaming it from every mountain top ( figuratively) that I finished this program!!!! I will be honest, when I started this program I was really down on myself . All the progress that I had in 2017 took a turn all because I didn't want to control myself during the holidays. I'm taking full ownership of my setback, but instead of making it an excuse I used it to fuel my fire for this workout program. 80 days is a long time to go through a program. It's a long time to plan out meals, workout and live life all at the same time. It sucked most of the time, but at the end of it I found out that I'm a lot stronger than I thought I was. 


R ARM 12 IN 
L ARM 11.5 IN 
R CALF 14.25 IN


R. ARM         12
L. ARM         11.5
CHEST          33
WAIST          29.5
HIPS               35.5
R. THIGH     20.5
L. THIGH     20
R. CALF       14
L. CALF       14



WEIGHT            123.4 LBS
This program I wanted to break free from the scale. I wanted to break away from the punsihing myself inside and out for eating something that I was craving . I'm not completely broken from the scale nor am I close to getting rid of the let down I have for myself from time to time because of the scale but I'm getting close to it . I have to remind myself that the scale isn't the final approval if I worked hard during a program. One day I will stop using the scale as a crutch, but until then I'm celebrating this little victory!  I gained weight and inches and I still look smaller than when I started! WIN!