Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January Dinner Meal Prep | Week Three

We are three weeks strong on dinner prep and it's working out in our favor. We have so much food even with reducing 2 days out of our week to just leftovers. This is such a game changer. If you haven't done this yet YOU MUST! 


TUESDAY  - PORK BAHN MI ( this was the best dinner of the week) 





January Meal Prep | Week Four

I'm focusing on honing in on what I really want to eat intuitively and that's some  good healthy fats! Everything I'm craving has something to do with fat so this week's prep caters to that! The Pioneer Woman makes a killer coconut curry shrimp to help me get through week 15 of my program and the last week of January!

COFFEE - Bullet Proof Coffee   (1 HEALTHY FAT) 
BRUNCH Coconut Curry Shrimp w/ Cauliflower Rice

DINNER - 2 cup veg,  3/4 cup protein, 1/2 cup carb

Monday, January 21, 2019

January Meal Prep | Week Three

Dinner meal prep gives us more leftovers than ever before. It's been so terrific to have a surplus of food! Who doesn't love more food? More food means that I don't have to cook! I'm good with leftover food especially when it's fried rice. I re-purposed the fried rice from our meal prep so that I could use it as my carb source for lunches. I'm finding with my intermittent fasting I'm not all that hungry because I'm eating more in one sitting . Instead of eating more snacks I'm eating more in one sitting and more carbs because I'm so damn hungry . My body is craving more carbs and after hitting sooo many PR's last week while I was lifting who am I to deprive myself?

COFFEE - Bullet Proof Coffee   (1 HEALTHY FAT) 
BRUNCH Chicken Milanese w/ Crab Fried Rice and Veggies.

DINNER - 2 cup veg,  3/4 cup protein, 1/2 cup carb

January Dinner Meal Prep | Week Two

 Another successful week of dinner prep in the books. This was such an easy dinner prep using everything we have at the house. I want to make sure we're eating different kinds of food so that we're not having the urge to eat out as much. Of course, my family and I eat out at the nearest Filipino restaurant because that's the only type of food I don't want leftovers of. I'm loving our Sunday family brunches as well! Sundays are our lazy days so we bake right before Waymon gets up in the morning. All of our recipes are linked below!

Tuesday  - Taco Salad  

 Wednesday - Lazy Wonton Soup 

Friday  - Burger and Fries  

Saturday  Leftovers 

Sunday Chicken Milanese Salad

Monday, January 14, 2019

January Meal Prep | Week Two

 This meal prep week is a lazy one because of our leftovers from the dinner prep. I can't believe that we had that much leftover! This prep is using what we had one hand incorporated with some new veggies and sausage to revamp the leftovers. Haidyn helped with this weeks prep as well. She measured out all the cauliflower rice and seasoned the veggies. Helping is serious business in our home. Can you tell with her serious face?

COFFEE - Bullet Proof Coffee   (1 HEALTHY FAT)
BREAKFAST Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake
SNACK 1 –Apple w/ PB
LUNCH –Hot Sausage, Veggies w/ Cauliflower Rice and Black Beans


DINNER - 2 cup veg,  3/4 cup protein

January Dinner Meal Prep | Week One


Dinners are a struggle for us, not the cooking part but the prepping part. We never know what we're making so that turns into us making a "convenient" meal which I can't stand. I want to me more proactive this year in dinners and meal prep because I don't want to eat out anymore. We've cut back on eating out in the past couple years but I want to cut it back even further. Waymon is also learning how to cook this year! ( Queue the hallelujah chorus) . I'm excited that he'll be cooking along side with me. Cooking in our home will finally be a family event! I'm hoping to keep this up for the entire year and post about it.All of this front work will help cut down on our grocery bills and time in the kitchen. It also helps that we have a HUGE chalkboard to list everything down. :) 

Here is our first week of dinners! We varied our dinners slightly because of what we had on hand. We had two days of leftovers!

MONDAY - Chicken bake & Cauliflower rice

TUESDAY- Jalapeno Parmesan- Crusted Grilled Cheese w/ Split Pea Soup

WEDNESDAY - Flank Steak with Garlic Smashed Potatoes

THURSDAY - Chicken Kabobs w/ Fried Rice 

FRIDAY - Breakfast Pizza 


SUNDAY BREAKFAST : Biscuits and Turkey Gravy  


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

January | Goal Getter

Last year I was out of control. I’m ashamed to admit that but I was and I want to change it. That’s what matters right? My goal this year is to simply my life. I want to rid my life of the extra bullshit that I made myself believe that I need. I went through an entire year of simplifying my life and somehow in 2018 I reverted back to my old bad habits . It sucks having to back track but I’m attempting to make my year better to pave the way to a better simpler life.  

1.        Save more money and no excessive shopping.   This is the year that Haidyn is out of daycare and I can’t tell you how excited I am to save this money. I want more babies, but this hefty tuition stops me. Don’t get me wrong it’s absolutely worth the money but man does it suck to pay that. That’s more than our mortgage! I’m also ridding us of all unnecessary subscriptions and spending. I want to save as much money this year and see what a difference it makes in our life.  I love shopping and it’s bad when I have a little sidekick to back me up on it. I don’t need more clothes, lipstick, more stuff for the house and etc. I’m cutting off all that mindless shopping. You know that kind of shopping? The Target dollar bin shopping! The kind of shopping you don when you’re bored  and then never use what you’re buying so it collects dust.  I also want to try to find everything at thrift stores, garage sales and etc. I want to repurpose more than I want to buy new.
2.        No eating out and less processed food.  I want to cook as much as possible at home. This is just another unnecessary cost when I Costco shop like we’re going to go through an apocalypse every two week. We have more than enough food it’s now just a matter of planning the food we will be eating through the week . I’m trying to buy better quality food even if that means that groceries will be a little more expensive. I want to make sure that we’re eating the best quality food possible. You are what you eat after all.
3.            Workout with a purpose .  Working out keeps me sane. It’s become my safe place but I want to make sure that when I work out I’m actually enjoying it and not just working out because I “HAVE TO”. I want to also incorporate more yoga into my weeks. My goal is to do yoga 1-2 times a week so that I can relax and stretch. Last year, I lost my drive to workout because I just didn’t care and I don’t want to be that way.  I also love that Haidyn loves to workout with me now! She will out on her sneaker and shorts just to work out with me.

4.         Stick to a cleaning ritual.   Have you watched Tidying Up on Netflix or read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo? If you haven’t YOU NEED TO. It will make you want to organize and declutter your entire life.  In a week after watching one episode I folded all my clothes correctly the Marie Kondo way. Cleaning up and staying on top of it all was never a priority unfortunately. The house was clean but never organized and that made everything so stressful.  I want to stay organized and stay clean this year. I’m making a point to clean up a little every single day and then do a mass clean every Sunday.

5.        Dress better .  I went through a phase where I wore my mom’s clothes on the daily. I was ashamed of my body  and that was so terrible for my self-esteem. Nothing I wore fit me physically and style wise. Everything was so big and not my style. I’ve been working on my own style and stepping out of my comfort zone to dress better. I never want to feel crappy all because of my clothes ever again.
6.        Say thank you more.  This is something I want to work on  even with thanking myself for the things I do. Sometimes, I get caught up in the day to day and never stop to say thank you. I want to change this in myself and stop to say thank you because why the hell not? This is an affirmation that everyone deserves a little more of.