Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Getaway to The City

It’s been two years since we got to visit our favorite city! When we got the chance to visit again we took it with no questions asked. We passed up the last few times because of our own scheduling issues during the summer but I’m so glad it turned out this summer. We planned a small weekend getaway to the city to enjoy it and show Haidyn around. I think my favorite part of this trip is that Haidyn is old enough to enjoy our trips and that the only thing we must make sure we have for her is her stroller. She loved everything about this trip. We have a little traveling girl on our hands! 

We took off at 5 am from Reno just to make sure that we go to visit the zoo. Haidyn was excited to be at the zoo and see all the animals she’s been learning about. She was in awe with all the animals surrounding her . The cold weather did help the animals become a lot more lively than we expected. Waymon and I aren’t really zoo people but we decided if it was something that she enjoyed then it was worth it. The most fascinating animal we saw was the peacock! Girl was roaming around as she pleased around the zoo.




After the zoo we spent a bit checking out Ocean Beach. We promised Haidyn to see the ocean after our trip to the lake and she was beyond impressed. We’ve been to the beach before but this is the first time she’s remembered it. She loved the high tides and running back into the beach to tell me to watch her. The water was cold but it didn’t stop her from going back into the water. I’m so glad that it was overcast and cold that day because I couldn’t imagine if she wanted to swim. We were slowing down because we haven’t had lunch yet right after our visit to the beach. So we met up with Alvin and Fabiola to catch up. We had so many plans prior to meeting Alvin, but they all fell through to sleep on the couch. Of course Haidyn was obsessed with Fabiola and didn’t want to sleep . We let her do her own thing. Who wouldn’t love to play with boy toys ? 




Our night out consisted of dinner at the best sushi restaurant! Uncle Alvin quickly became the coolest Uncle with letting Haidyn in on his nickname from her cousins “Uncle Halloweenie” . Also the fact that he can make origami seals/sharks just put him on the top of her list.  Our one stop needed to be Hot Cookie after dinner. We made it happen and didn’t care what we needed to do to make it happen! The cookies here are sooooooo good. We’re all obsessed. ( Confession : stopped here twice in our weekend trip). We spent some time in the Castro visiting some of the coolest shops .





 The next morning we spent it sleeping in and wandering around the city. Breakfast was delicious at the cutest cafĂ© and touring Japan town. We love our time in the city. There’s never a dull moment during our stays here. We couldn’t have made this trip down without Ellie, Mattias , the boys and Alvin accommodating us. Thank you all! We can’t wait to see everyone again in a few weeks!