Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Gotta Catch Em All | Haidyn's 4th Birthday

Reno weather cooperated with us and allowed us to enjoy a beautiful day for our girl! This is the first time we actually got to celebrate Haidyn's birthday on her birthday and with her Uncle Jon! He hasn't been home to celebrate her birthday since she was born so this birthday was very special for everyone. We had a little gathering at our local park and invited all of our family to enjoy the day with. We aimed for a low key easy party and per usual our "easy" party turned out to be hectic. We knew something like that was going to happen, but we always aim for the best. This day also doubled as Haidyn's t ball game day. Poor girl was busy all day, but it was worth it for her as she got to spend an entire day at the park. The Pokemon themed birthday was completely Haidyn's idea because she's been obsessed with Pokemon . I swear that she's obsessed because she knows her Uncle Jon is obsessed.

We had pizza, chips, hot dogs, sausages  and cake! ( Why don't I buy this much pizza all the time?)  THIS CAKE and cookies is amazing!! I wanted to cry when I saw it. I'm already looking for every excuse to have a party and buy another cake. Link for her other amazing cakes is , here .This topped anything I would've ever imagined. It was a huge hit and I wish I still had some to devour. 

As busy as this day was , it was all worth it to see Haidyn light up with friends and family . I know that it won't be long for her to not want a big birthday party anymore , but right now I'm savoring this time that she can tell me what theme she wants for her birthday and what she wants to eat for it. How amazing is it that she chose Pokemon?!?! We're so thankful that Haidyn was surrounded with so many people that loved her. We had a blast and I'm glad that we got to share this day with all of you. Until next year! I can't wait for her new theme!

cake made by Rebecca Hock

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Haidyn Turns 4!

I'm in disbelief that my girl is now 4! I am often reminded by my girl that she is indeed a BIG girl and no longer my baby. If she only knew, how wrong she is but for now I will give her the benefit of the doubt. With every passing day, I'm slowly realizing that though she may not look much like me her attitude is spot on to mine. There is definitely a power struggle between the both of us, but it would've been naive of me to assume that any of child of mine and Waymon's wouldn't be a shit from time to time.  Listening has gone out the window because of the fact that this little girl is too independent. She's learning everything her way or nothing at all. She surprises us every day as she introduces us to what she learned at school. She's fascinated by the world around her and questions everything and anything . She never settles for a simple answer because she craves to always know more.

Four questions for Haidyn's fourth birthday. 

1. When is your birthday and what would you like as a present? April 14! I want pokemon?

2. What do you want to be when you grow up? Puppy Doctor or a teacher!

3. Who are your best friends? Um Addi Parker

4. What is your favorite food ? STRAWBERRIES, blueberries anddddd fruit.

Four things I need Haidyn to remember at the moment. 

1. Your fashion sense is perf! I love that you have your own sense of style. I love that you put your own little two sense in what you're wearing and make it your own. You have your own vision of the perfect wardrobe and accessories. And who can't forget that you love your cowboy boots with just about everything you wear.

2. The fact that you're cooler than both of your parents at this age is not surprising to us, but it is definitely amazing to watch. Who else loves to sing , dance , play instruments and head bang all at the same time? You are the daredevil your Daddy always wanted by his side all while being my crazy partner in crime making sure I never give up. You look more and more like your Daddy everyday with your identical smiles and the fact that both of you love to prank Mama.

3. Your ability to turn every situation into a positive one is something you should never lose sight of.  You hate to see anyone sad or cry and the fact that you will stop dead in your tracks to ensure that no one is having a bad day is the sweetest thing . You will brighten their day by a compliment or just making them laugh. 

4. Keep dancing to your own beat. You feel what you feel and you're not afraid to let it show. You're not shy of letting your happiness show. Never let anyone in this lifetime or the next tell you that you shouldn't . Dance and sing until your heart is content and then dance a little more just because you can. You are different from anyone else and that's not a bad thing.

Happy Happy Birthday Anak ! Daddy, Mama, Ate Sass and Frankie love you so much!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Sunday

This is the first time for us in a while that all of our family was in town for Easter Sunday. Even if everyone was leaving on Easter, we got to spend a little time together.  We planned to get together with our friends on Easter after dropping everyone off at the airport. It's so bittersweet! I wished that we could've had a little brunch all together, but I'm so glad that we got to spend any amount together since we were all running on no sleep.

Days before K and Haidyn dyed eggs for this egg hunt. Haidyn isn't too much of an Easter egg hunt kind of girl, but this year she killed it! We had their dyed eggs out on the hunt and she only cared about hunting those eggs to eat them all. She has no chill.  It's so nice to spend time with family and friends. Can we just fill all our days with them?

K takes NV

We took the first chance we got to bring K to Nevada this past week! She spent the first part of her spring break with us and Jon. An opportunity where we are all together rarely happens so this trip was nothing short of exciting for us. We knew that it would be a bit of a culture shock for her since she's from San Diego, but we also knew that a little different scenery couldn't hurt.


The weather cooperated with her stay. She got to experience our "warm" 50 degree weather- even if she dressed like she was going to the North Pole every day she was here.  We planned absolutely nothing for her stay except for spending a lot of time together and it didn't turn out too bad. We went with the flow with her stay. Everything was on the fly, but there wasn't a day that we were bored. Hiking, hipster spots, bonding and shopping topped our to do lists. K saw so much dessert that turned into snow capped mountains. 

Why do my babies have to grow up ? Why tf am I getting so old to have a niece that's almost sixteen? We miss you K! Come back ( especially for Frankie's sake) . We can't wait for your next visit.

see her vlog on her trip here